Thursday, 29 September 2011

Quotes from the book series The Demonata by Darren Shan

 Banba used to say they stole the forms of our animals and ourselves because they didn't have the
imagination to invent bodies of their own.

It’s a demon. Five long, spindly legs. The body of a giant ant. A long neck and the head of some sort of rabid monkey. No arms, but several small mouths in addition to its main one, sticking out of its body, set on mushroom-like stalks. The mouths are filled with blood-red, dagger-sharp teeth. 

A man slides out from behind a clump of webby strands. Thin. Pale red skin, misshapen, lumpy, as though made out of colored dough. His hands are mangled, bones sticking out of the skin, one finger melting into another. Bald. Strange eyes—no white, just a dark red iris and an even darker pupil. Theres a gaping, jagged hole in the left side of his chest. I can look clean through it. Inside the hole—snakes. Dozens of tiny, hissing, coiled serpents, with long curved fangs.

One of the Fomorii makes it over the fence. Half-human, half-boar. A long jaw. A mix of human teeth and tusks. Demonic yellow eyes. Claws instead of hands

He has a squat, leathery body and a green head,
part human, part canine. A large, surly mouth. Four hairy arms and two long legs. Floppy ears. His
white eyes are filled with fear and he holds himself rigidly.


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