Monday, 28 November 2011

Maya Trouble

So, i have started to mirror all the geometry following the tutorial videos. When i started the tutorials I had border edges on (by default), however half way through I switched them off with help from Tom. Now, I cannot merge together the edges of the mirrored piece of geometry in the UV Texture Editor. It seems it will not work where the border edges are.

- Red arrows indicate where it has merged successfully (no border edges)
- Blue arrows indicate where the edges will not merge (border edges are present)

I don't know but it appears that the border edges are stopping the edges from merging together which means I cannot move on with the rest of the videos. Is it possible to delete border edges I can't find out how to. This is very annoying as its the 3rd from last video.


  1. In the attribute editor (Ctrl + A) once you've mirrored the geometry there should be a tab called 'polymirror' (or something similar) try increasing the control called 'Merge threshold' and hopefully the borders should merge together. It may just have been that the edges were a little further apart than the ones that merged.

  2. I tried doing that it appears to be merged, but some of the other edges on the front merge together. I'll continue regardless with that one and see what happens.

    Cheers for replying

  3. Hi Jake it appears that at least one of your vertices is crossing the center line. Increasing your merge threshold will resolve the problem but will also cause unwanted vertices to merge, particularly the bevels. The best option is to go through the objects, select the vertices that run down the center line, use the scale tool in the X-axis to straighten then edge then snap the vertices back to the center line using X (grid-snap).