Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock was directed by Peter Weir (1975). Is a film set in Australia, Victoria where an all-girls private school take a trip to hanging rock, but three of the students investigate they go missing. This film is often regarded as based on a true story, however this is not true it only creates the illusion it is.
The music score created for this film is perfect. It creates much atmosphere and uncertainty within each scene and compliments the scenes, mainly when the girls appear to lose themselves under the presence of the rock. It encapsulates the viewer to feel the trance like state the girls are in.
Weir has used various different camera effects to great effect. He using the slow motion camera shots to create atmosphere and make the viewer feel more engaged by looking through the perspective he wants you to be looking through. When various shots of Miranda showing her to be angelic and innocent. There is also use of soft lens effects, this accompanied with the slow motion perfectly portrays the dream like state that this film is all about.
There is also the use of symbolism within this film. When they reach hanging rock and the watches stop, this suggests a super natural and unknown phenomenon, and when the girls seem to be hypnotised by the outback and the rock suggests what could be described as a more sexual meaning. Shown as innocent being tainted by the ruthless hostile outback.
The Australian outback has an uncanny atmosphere, it appears to the viewer as something different than nature. Odd structures and the hostile environment creates a mysterious understanding within the viewer.

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