Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Initial Thoughts

This is a quick video I took from the game Metro 2033 (if it uploads) which has a scene where there is a childrens playground that is completely empty and derelict which has a very eerie and unsettledness. And some screen shots as the video isn't the best quality and may not work.
-In the video you walk through the park and it flashes back to what it was before for a few seconds then goes back to the apocalyptic Moscow-
Empty cities in general have a very eerie and uncanny appeal and that is amplified more so when its apocalyptic and partly destroyed.
Metro 2033 is basically set in the future in apocalyptic Moscow, where the humans are forced to survive in the metro tunnels underground as the city above has fallen into ruin and has been over run by mutated creatures.

There is also the Silent Hill franchise with the classic thick fog which holds a very eerie and unwelcoming presence just by the fact you cannot tell what is out there.

 And some various photos of very thick fog.

Also the film 28 days later has some classic scenes of London which is completely empty.

I intend to go down the path of looking at completely empty cities and places where its would usually be friendly buzzing with energy to be empty like childrens play parks and fairgrounds. 


  1. Can't upload video. I'll leave the text in though so you can see i actually went to the effort to try and make one.

  2. I believe you, Jake!:) Liking the fog images...

  3. Hey Jake,

    Very interesting visuals, is this game out yet? I have yet to hear of a post apocalyptic moscow. I dont consider myself out of the loop with gaming info... the visuals intrigue me.

    Anyway, a good interpretation of isolation I can tell a post apocalyptic playground is classic (I've got something similar penned for a game I'm planning). My inspiration was from the fallout franchise however...

    Silent Hill, Saw the film aswell there are some sickly sweet moments. One that stands out for me is the rusted stairs leading down into darkness... Very horrifying, Bloody wheelchairs were also arife in that game...

    Fog is most certainly an interesting feature (something ive overlooked). The foggy image with the trees above is my favourite looks much more mystifying...

    Good to see you playing with the idea of isolation (an idea I think many will be considering). You may want to consider sticking to a scene as opposed to an entire city.

    I mentioned the idea before of a deserted train station with a single item left behind like a glove or something...

    Kind of eerie one more artist I will suggest... is Francois Barranger, French Concept Artist... Did the artwork for Heavy Rain...

    Its very good and murky

    Check that out when you get a chance.
    Good post though, keep them coming!

    ...and send some my way soon!

  4. Cheers Stitch, that Heavy Rain concept art is interesting especially the empty rooms. And yes Metro 2033 is out, i took those screen shots in game.
    However there is Metro last light coming out next year. (The next one in the series)

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