Monday, 6 February 2012

Unit 4 Enviroment

Three Envelopes where pasted round each containing a Scene a character and a prop. After taking from the three envelopes my three things where; Cowboy, Garden Shed and Bouncy castle.

These items could be rather tricky to put together into an animation because the Garden Shed and Bouncy castle Castle could be argued as both being the scene not a scene and a prop.

   I am currently toying with the idea of the cowboy having spurs and the bouncy castle being prone to having a weakness to sharp objects. I am Also thinking along the lines of the Cowboy being a gardener of sorts having a water gun instead of a revolver.
I am having a bit of trouble because of the nature of a bouncy castle being less like a prop and more like a scene.

Any thoughts are welcome.

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