Friday, 21 October 2011

The Company of Wolves directed by Neil Jordan (1984)

The company of wolves directed by Neil Jordan 1984 is a surreal film that goes into the dreams and subconscious of a young woman Rosaleen (Sarah Patterson). The film touches on lots of different symbolism and based loosely around little red riding hood, an obvious influence from Rosales’s childhood.
Rosaleen, in her dream lives in an old medieval town with her parents. Throughout the film she is always being warned to never stray from the path in the woods, this could symbolize that because she is on the verge of reaching the age of maturity and her family doesn't want to lose their little girl. 

Rosaleen remains curious to what will happen if she wanders off the forest path and what she may find. She isn’t frightened by what is out in the forest, when she strays away from the forest then climbs the tree she finds cherubs crying inside a birds nest. This could also be another metaphor for growing up, the cherubs meaning her younger self not wanting to grow up and leave the nest of her home.
This film has a very feminist view, there is message throughout the film about men and what women portray them as. There are quick flashes to various animals which represent what women think of men, snake and toad for example. The film shows frequently wolves as males and referencing that the beast within is wild and lustful.

It is set out as a very non linier plot, as we are frequently taken back and forth to different scenes and ideas much like dreams. When the Rolls Royce pulls up in the middle of the forest it seems to feel normal without out the audience felling disorientated or lost. This technique is used throughout the film and really engages the viewer.

Towards the end of the film Rosaleen wakes up the pack of wolves storm into her room, this could be interpreted as a metaphor for her realising she’s growing up as the wolves are showing trampling her room with all her childhood book and toys, this really shows the true meaning of the film a girl growing up and reaching adolescence. 

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