Friday, 7 October 2011

More Initial Concepts


from top to bottom numbers 1 to 7


  1. Jake! These are great, and so much more thoughtful than some of your earlier envisionings - it's fascinating how the size/prominence of the beak changes your character instantly from comic to more serious. The second from top manages a Judge Dredd/Robo-cop seriousness. The only observation I'd make is that you're going for a highly muscular, beefy physique, and while I'm not suggesting that your own physique is somehow the opposite of this (i'm hardly a bruiser myself!), I'd just like you to keep hold of your own self as the heart and soul of this hybrid - remember, it's a 'self-portrait' too - and the challenge of this, of somehow communicating a semblance of 'Jake' is the 'holy grail' of this unit. But I'm loving the productivity, loving the workflow, so keep it up and reap the benefit when you execute something properly creative and suitably polished. Good stuff.

  2. Cheers for the feedback Phil, i got my scanner a few days ago so its really easy to upload work now. I rather like 5th and 6th from top (ill number them next time). I'm going to develop further on them and the beak design of the 2nd from top.

  3. these are sick! I like #2,3,4 & 6 most