Friday, 21 October 2011

Splice directed by Vincenzo Natali (2009)

Splice (2009) directed by Vincenzo Natali, is a science fiction horror based around two scientists Clive (Adrien Broody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) who splice together various different animal DNA to create a unique organism that can benefit mankind. The film touches on multiply issues of religion and science.
Elsa gives off the impression that she doesn't want to have a child physically, but when the chance presents itself she uses her own DNA in the making of Dren. Not long after the creation of Dren Elsa falls emotionally attached to Dren giving her a name and treating it as a child. Clive however doesn't approve even though he wanted a child and Elsa didn't.

This film touches on the point of where the boundaries should lie for genetically creating organisms using human DNA. Elsa puts in her own DNA into Dren therefor making Dren her responsibility. At first Elsa only wants to create the protein that will benefit mankind medically, but subconsciously she knows Dren has her DNA and her motherly instincts kick in the protect and keep her safe.
Dren has very human characteristics and features which make the audience engage with her. Elsa also becomes much attached and doesn’t want to admit to herself she is still part animal. Even as Dren runs off being moved into the barn she is found eating an animal, Elsa still doesn't want to admit she has animal instincts. Dren displays human emotions throughout the film but carries none of the human moral feelings towards life.

This film goes places where the viewer is uncomfortable. This film displays both the Oedipus and Electra complex, which is where the subject would show sexual or romantic feelings towards their mother or father and anger and jealously towards the other. When Dren is female it’s all romantic she seduces Clive and has sex with him, also when Dren is male he rapes Elsa and kills Clive. This is basic differences between the Oedipus
and Electra complex, the females experience being more romantic.

Splice certainly takes you different places than the standard science fiction genre, the humans in this film could be argued to be the monsters as Dren is only following her primal animal instincts.

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